Saturday, June 4, 2011

how does your garden grow?

We have had a small vegetable garden in our yard since we built our house and moved here in 1988. In the beginning, it was mostly my deal, as were the flower beds that developed all around the house and lot. I do like the feel of some good black dirt and the pleasure of watching little things grow. Now Bob has become more interested in the vegie garden, so I make a willing assistant. We have warded off rabbits, deer and even a rogue woodchuck. Last year the deer had an especially fine time with Bob's garden plants, and he resorted to MacGyvering a taller fence out of stuff he could find in the garage. It served the purpose of keeping the deer away, but wasn't so much to look at, sort of a ramshackle look. Not quaint or folksy, just plain trashy! Yesterday he installed some new fenceposts and wire fencing that will be a much nicer barrier. However, he hasn't yet quite figured out how to close off the end of the garden near the patio. He positioned these 2 chairs to partially block it off, but I think they actually make a good spot to collect an admission fee from the animals as they enter Bob's Old Country Garden Buffet! It's still a work in progress!

I always have a stack of "charity quilts" to be completed, and Thursday it occurred to me that I hadn't quilted one since February. So this quilt had been languishing the longest, and I am happy to say that it now is done (except for stitching down the binding). It was made from blocks that were donated by customers of Bear Patch and might be found in our next Breast Cancer Awareness display and auction.

Feeling very domestic on this fine Saturday morning, baking brownies and monster cookies. Wish I could share them with you! Even without my goodies, I hope you will have an excellent weekend!


Thora Lee said...

Yum! Can I come over for coffee? I'll bring my own cup.

Thora Lee

Pam said...

Thora Lee, I would love to have you over for coffee! Maybe Tuesday?