Monday, June 13, 2011

over the weekend

Last weekend I put in some hours at the quilt shop, and then some hours at Leisl's where we were taking advantage of the fact that her husband was out of town. Oh yeah, big party--used to be our parties were BYOB (bring your own bottle), now they are BYOC (bring your own cheese) so I can have my fake mozzarella on my vegie pizza. The kids at Papa Murphy's always have a hard time with my order: vegie delite pizza, but use red sauce instead of white and don't put on any cheese. Yes, just crust, red sauce and vegies. And then they ask me if I want cheese bread with that!

I worked some more on this quilt:
which was started a few years back and taken out of the mothballs last January. I am over halfway there, if I choose to leave it at 6 blocks x 6 blocks. There will be some kind of border added, and depending on if I want to make it the right size for my bed there might need to be more blocks, too. This is a quilt design that is traditionally called the Hap Quilt, not sure where the name came from but it has been around a long time. The block is a log cabin variation called Courthouse Steps.

This is one block, and the colors have to be matched up with the blocks on all 4 sides. These strips start out at 1 1/4" and the block is 9" when completed. The idea for making this from batik fabrics came from one of the early posse trips to Iowa. We stopped in a little quilt shop on a farm and saw a quilt like this. It was really a great looking quilt, and the idea stuck with us. Leisl has some strips cut, too, but she hasn't let them out of the bag, yet.

When I got tired of those strips, I pulled out another well-aged bag of blocks and fabrics for this:
It is a pattern called Diamond Jubilee by From Me to You. I'm not sure how big this one is going to be, I just keep adding blocks until either I run out of fabric, ambition or space!

It's hard to get a picture of this, but I think you get the idea. Lots of variety, lots of color.

Enjoying a great summery day here, and counting down the days until a certain young man is giving me a hug--you know who you are!

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