Monday, August 22, 2011

what I did on my summer vacation 3

A few more notes for you about our vacation, today is our last day for fun and frolic. Yesterday we took a fun hike to Crystal Lake, this was a good trail because it was challengingly uphill all the way to the lake, not terribly long, good resting spots on the lakeshore and a breeze to get back downhill to the parking lot.
Here we are perched on the trailside while another hiker was kind enough to capture the moment for us. That is Lake George in the background, one of the lakes in the Lakes Basin just outside Mammoth Lakes.

This is the Crystal Crag, and our hike did not include scaling the rocks to get to the top! Dan tells me he has gone up there, I'm glad I wasn't around for that one! Somewhere up there is a patch of shiny crystal rocks, hence the name.

These petite little alpine flowers were growing near the creek at the lake's outlet, each blossom is only about 1/4".

Later in the day we took a short drive out to the area of hot springs just south a bit along 395. This whole area has a lot of volcanic history, and these areas of natural hot springs are a reminder of what's going on inside our earth. Bob and Dan were enjoying the soothing warmth, Buddy not so much! Buddy is Liz's little dog, who also lives at the house Dan lives in, and he came along with us. He was not a big fan of being in the water, but he had a good time scouting out the sagebrush all around and studying the cattle grazing in the area.

One of the highlights of this trip, for me, was our visit to Sierra Cottons and Wools in Bishop. I just can't believe that I didn't take even one picture! I was too busy admiring the creative inspiration inside their doors, and having a good visit with Barri. She is the designer of Bareroots patterns and owner of this lovely shop. Her patterns feature a lot of hand embroidery mixed in with some sewing and quilting. I visited her shop in the tiny town of June Lakes, CA, about 3 years ago. Since then she has re-located to the less tiny town of Bishop. This seems to be a good spot, since there were people coming and going all the time I was there. And this space is much larger, with room for more fabric, many of her beautiful samples, a classroom space and a whole room of yarn--I think I could move in! I was able to lay my hands on a brand new book that she has authored, Quilt a Gift for Little Ones.

It is published by David & Charles, and the photography and design of the pages is exceptional. They did a wonderful job of showing the details along with the corresponding directions, just as in Barri's previous book, Quilt a Gift. This is a new release, so shops should be getting them in stock soon. There are several appealing projects in this book, you can bet that I will be making some of them! If you are eager to get your own, contact Sierra Cottons and Wools or Bear Patch Quilting to place an order. I just have to decide what to start first! Of course, I was also tempted with a book of baby knits and beautiful yarn, so the choices are many!

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