Wednesday, August 17, 2011

what I did on my summer vacation

Last Monday we hopped a plane to Reno and headed south on 395 destined for Mammoth Lakes. It's a pretty drive through mostly rural areas, once past Reno and Carson City.

You know you're not in Minnesota when this is the sign that you are scanning the countryside for! It's a distant memory, but the last time I dined on an In-n-Out burger it was delish! Watching Bob savor his Double Double while I snacked on some fries was almost enough to make this girl fall off the vegetarian wagon.

We found Dan as we were checking into our room at Mammoth Mountain Inn, very conveniently located at the foot of Mammoth Mt. and just across the way from Dan's office. It is gorgeous here, and so different from our previous visits in winter. We have done some fun activities and sightseeing, and relaxing a bit this afternoon.

Yesterday morning we rode the gondola to the tippy top of the mountain, not the best place in the world for a scaredy-cat of heights, but the view is heavenly! As long as I ride in the gondola seat that faces in to the mountain and keep some conversation going, it's not half bad! Posing for this picture was anxiety-producing for me, and it was so windy it felt like we could fly right off the top.

For a fun comparison, look at this picture taken 3 years ago, I think, and a picture taken yesterday by the same sign--

Dan took Bob and I for a bike ride on a very nice paved path from town towards Twin Lakes, but it was all uphill and a bit much for my flatlander lungs and legs, so we had to turn back before we got to the lakes. Later Bob and Dan took bikes on the gondola to the top and rode back down to Main Lodge, and Bob has only a few scrapes and bruises to show for it. Mere flesh wounds, nothing to take away from the fact that he accomplished something he had never done before. The mountain is criss-crossed with bike trails and humming with activity even without the snow--well, there is a bit of snow here and there, but not an obstacle to the daredevil bikers.

While they were cruising downhill, I was hiking uphill to Minaret Vista, about a 3 mile round trip. I was glad I forged on up the hills and crossing snowbank remnants, because the view was worth it and I needed to be able to justify my calorie intake last night at our fabulous dinner at The Lakefront Restaurant. We also managed to fit in a beer tasting at the Mammoth Brewery earlier in the day, so we had a very busy and full day. Stayed tuned for more...

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Brita said...

It's great to hear more about what you're doing. Makes me wish I was there even more now!!! Love you guys!