Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a bonus day

Back again, so soon!  I have been thinking about what I said on this morning's post about Chex Mix.  About The Pioneer Woman and her life on the ranch.  About growing up on the farm.  And I thought I should share another favorite of mine--The Peterson Brothers music videos on YouTube!


This is just one of their fun creations, you can find more on YouTube if you look.  Honestly, we never leaped around on top of the silage or hay pile.  Not much, anyway!  I loved the smell of the silage, and I was amazed that in the middle of winter the inside of the pile would steam when a shovel broke the surface.  And we would get some of that fresh-cut vegetation smell.

The farm I grew up on was not huge by most standards, but when I was in Sweden in 1971, the people there likened it to a ranch because it was so much bigger than their smaller farmsteads.  And the fact that we had beef cattle!  I think they might have pictured it like a huge herd out on the vast prairie!

So enjoy some humor and entertainment from some modern day farmers, the Peterson Brothers!

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ytsmom said...

There are some cute farm videos by a guy who is also from Kansas. Can't think of his name, but check Youtube for 'what the farmer says'.