Sunday, March 9, 2014

quilting fun

At long last, I have a new quilt for my bed!  Sort of like the shoemaker's children, I have been getting by with a quilt on my bed that doesn't really fit.  For a long time.  I decided to put some spark into the color scheme of the room with some bright, fun prints.  I used my own pattern, Hocus Pocus, because it goes together well and works with a variety of fabrics and prints of assorted scale.  But it has taken me a long time to get the quilting done, and now I am happy I did it.  Not so much that the quilting was detailed, just that I always put it aside in order to do quilts for customers.  And then one day I said "Enough!"  And the hedgehogs went on the frame!

 I did some improvisational piecing for the back, to make it fit.  I had purchased that solid blue fabric, the perfect color, but not enough (and I bought all I could get!).  So leftovers from my blocks and border were called into action, and I love the unexpected look of the quilt back.

Next on the quilt frame is this Christmas tree skirt that is made with a special ruler and will be included in an upcoming class at Bear Patch.  It's not as hard as it looks!  The center will be cut out for the tree trunk after the quilting is done.

Did you remember to turn your clock ahead?

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Daniel said...

I love the colorful new quilt for your room! Nermal, my departed pet hedgehog, would be proud.