Wednesday, March 12, 2014

a lifetime achievement award

It's not Oscar Night, but I am nominating my very special and experienced automobile for the highest achievement award!  It is a bittersweet experience to let go of my Saturn that I have been driving since 2000.  Yes, 14 years!  We have traveled far and wide, or just to work and the grocery store some days!

Very little trauma has come our way, no incidents that would qualify as a motor vehicle accident.  Twice I did some damage in my own driveway with stationery objects that were in the wrong place.  And once I had a close encounter with a poor deer that I didn't even know I had hit until the body shop man found deer hair in my doorlock!  I thought I had been hit by a rock while driving at night, but some poor creature took my outside mirror and a chunk of finder with him!

I have had an excellent service record and a friendly service guy--Bob!
He always stayed on top of oil changes, etc.
And we are lucky to have a good, reliable, trustworthy auto repair shop--
Advanced Automotive in St. Francis--always up to a challenge!

I took a parting shot of my odometer so I will know what I have to beat with the next car!

The next car hasn't arrived on the scene yet, but even though it is going to possess a lot more bells and whistles than my Saturn had, it has some big shoes to fill.  I'm willing to give it a try!


MissesStitches said...

Wow, Pam, that's a lot of miles! Good for you and your Saturn. Best of luck with your next car.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like my husband's 1992 Saturn! He finally sold it a couple of years ago with 310,xxx miles on the odometer, and it has even been sold again since then! Saturns are (were) tough little cars!