Sunday, July 27, 2008

of golf and good friends

Just returned home from an unexpected fun evening over at Hidden Haven, the site of Bob's great golf game yesterday and Dana's nemesis.  So sorry, just goes to prove that bad things happen to good people all the time! 

Out on our patio I am fascinated by the unusual designs from nature in the grape vines growing on the pergola.  Bob transplanted the vines from elsewhere on our property and has nursed them along for 2 years.  This year they are lush and full and extending clear across the structure.  They are wild, so don't really bear grapes of any use.  Otherwise, we could have a harvest festival with grape-stomping a la Lucy!
On a more serious note, the Star Tribune has a special web feature about the 35W bridge collapse nearly one year ago.  Their overhead picture of the bridge identifies the vehicles and links to stories about the people in those vehicles.  The woman I knew, Christina Sacorafas, is #41.  Please take a look.

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