Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wrap Up

There were a few more pictures that I wanted to show you from our wonderful Girl Gang road trip last week.  You could call them highlights--
Outside the Woolen Needle in Williamsburg, IA, stood this very quaint birdhouse/lawn art/sculpture/artifact thingie that would look just wonderful on my front porch.  Actually, it maybe is primitive enough that even I could make something somewhat resembling this!  Also pictured is a beautiful planter garden on a street corner in Grinnell, IA.  You have to know that this was a very picturesque little downtown, there were some great architectural landmarks there on the main street, plus these great big planters.  It really was a pretty spot.  And a bit of information for all you quilters out there:  it is the home of Judy Martin and at the Grinnell Fiberworks store you can find most any of the books by her.

No architectural quality about this shot--no, it is simply the "after" shot from our dinner at the Mandarin restaurant in Des Moines, recommended by the hotel clerk and really a good find for our Chinese dinner.  Well, off to work for the day!  Really fun at the shop today because our big summer sale starts tomorrow and that means a lot of red marker usage on merchandise that needs to move out of there!  Something about gripping that red sharpie that gives me a feeling of power!

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