Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Posse Rides Again!

We are off on another boondoggle and I am worried because the back of the vehicle is already crowded!  This is the "before" shot.  We'll see how it looks after 3 days of quilt shop hopping!  Today took us to Amana, Williamsburg, and Grinnell, all in Iowa.  Found very nice shops, we really liked the Woolen Needle in Williamsburg a lot, it was hard dragging Nancy out of there!  It's so embarrassing when she goes kicking and screaming!  The Amana colonies deserve a whole day to look around, too bad we had to keep on moving.  There was a shop there called the Painted Cupboard that also had Nancy drooling.  That seems to be a theme developing here!  Anyway, after an amazing dinner at Subway (this trip is not about the food!) we are in Liberty, MO for the night.  Just outside Kansas City, across the interstate from Worlds of Fun.  Will update you tomorrow!

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