Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free Leisl!

It was an important occasion so we had to have a special celebration--what could be more special than $2 beer and $1 burgers!  We really know how to party in style!  If that wasn't enough frugality, get this:  a friend/neighbor of Leisl's picked up the tab for our table so this was indeed a "free Leisl" party.  She's the one in the white shirt in the center.  We are celebrating the fact that Leisl's household has shrunk from 4 teenage boys to 1.  So our good friend no longer has to live in her vehicle, shuttling kids back and forth, cell phone glued to ear.  I do not understand how she does it, but she has proven that she is well-suited to be a den mother.  Maybe she should adopt a scout troup.  Add to this the fact that she survived knee surgery last week so now she can get back to running marathons!  Of course, all this means more quality sewing time so we will no doubt be seeing great things coming from the depths of her basement.  And retreat time is fast approaching, allowing days and nights of uninterrupted fiber frenzy.  Life is good!

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