Sunday, September 7, 2008


I figured out how to place a video of my quilting here, it's only a few seconds and doesn't have great detail, but it gives you a little feel for what I do.  Yesterday I finished quilting a small Christmas quilt that has been a group project for the daughter of a friend, Kay, who was killed in an accident.  She had the pieces all cut in preparation for a class she was registered for, and when her family was deciding what to do with everything she left behind, I was asked if I could help get it finished.  So Maggie put all the blocks together, I quilted it, and now Debbie is going to stitch on the binding.  Needless to say, I have thought often of Kay lately.  Wish she was here to see her quilt!
I have added a couple things to the blog page as little experiments, let me know if you like/dislike them.  They are easy enough to add and remove with changes by Blogger.  Wish I had more time to explore the possibilities.  One thing I wanted to pass on to you is the link to another blog that I really like to follow.  It is written by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a knitting author from Canada, known as the Yarn Harlot.  She adds lots of humor to the world of knitting and good reading for non-knitters, too!  
Speaking of writers, I was sad to hear this week of the death of Helen Kelly, a quilting author.  I was a reader of her monthly columns in Quilters' Newsletter Magazine long before I met her.  She was from the St. Paul area and frequented the quilt shop I work at, Bear Patch Quilting Co., as she searched for just the right fabrics for her creations.  Dressed in jeans and sweatshirt, she definitely was not one to play on her fame!  I would never had known she was other than any of the other great customers had I not been informed by a co-worker.  She was gracious and funny, creative and practical.  We miss her.

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