Monday, September 22, 2008

Of strawbales and winding roads

Yesterday was a perfect day for bouncing around on a hayrack and winding around some country roads, good thing Larry and Denise had all the arrangements made!  We had a tour of some of the land just north of where Bob lived, including a stop at the house where his grandparents lived when he was young.  Five of his brothers and sisters plus the matriarch, Ruth, were able to take the tour, too, so it was good to catch up on family doin's.   And enjoy all of Larry's wisdom and corny jokes!  Ended up at a perfect little hunting cabin with weinie roast and smores, thanks to Denise for putting that part all together.  Had to take a shower at 11:30 last night when we got home to get the straw and dust out of my hair!  How did that not bother me when I was a kid?  We used to have regular adventures in the haymow, covered with dust and leaves, and likely a few bugs, too!

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