Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flat on one side

Well, I had the opportunity to refresh my skills in tire changing this afternoon!  That tire that had the "slow leak" slowly leaked all the air out of one side, leaving it rather flat on the bottom.  It occurred while parked over the weekend, so I wasn't caught driving during the flatness.  And I had a nice level parking area to work in, with some coaching from friends to help the process along.  My first thought was to get someone else to do it, but realizing I was kind of stuck out in the country with no immediate access to such a helper, I resolved to just get to work and make it happen without wasting any more time than necessary.  It really wasn't so bad, just needed a little muscle to get things loosened, lifted, jacked, etc.  A hydraulic lift would have been nice so my knees weren't so achey, but we got the job done and loaded up my car so I was soon on my way westward.  Stopped at the WalMart in Pine City to have the tire repaired and put back in place, I couldn't believe that it only took about 15 minutes and cost $9.50!  I used the time to replenish my snack supply inside the store, and then continued on.  It was a nice drive with sunshine all the way, I did see quite a bit of high water in the lakes and streams.  I visited Nancy, got to sit on her lovely new leather couch and admire her new fireplace that is finally completed, before arriving at Camp Lebanon.  There are plenty of quilters here in the midst of fabric and fun.  I don't have my pictures downloaded (no pictures of the tire event so I can't even show you my handiwork!), will work on that tomorrow, right now I think I am fading fast so will head off to bed.  

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