Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm sure it will all fit in!

I am taking off this morning for a week away from home, first to my quilt group's annual retreat taking place at Lutherpoint Camp near Siren, WI, then on Sunday going to Camp Lebanon near Upsala, MN, to represent Bear Patch for 4 days.  So I have had to really think about what all I need to have packed for this 2-part journey, since I'm not coming home in between.  I did find a route to drive the backroads between the 2 locations, they actually are pretty close to the same latitude and about 120 miles apart.   This picture shows most of my quilting/sewing stuff, ready to be packed.  

And then came the clothes!  And bedding!  And snacks!  It was clear to me that I was running out of room, so I did the only rational thing and ate the M&M's.  Now everything fits like pieces of a puzzle!  I have watched the Supreme Packer (Leisl) over the years and have elevated my packing skills considerably.  Nancy and I are well accustomed to the task of ferrying everything to the rear of the van, SUV, and/or trailer, handing stuff to her as she very kindly requests, and not interfering with the master at work.  She does know how to get the job done!
I do think that I started out as a not-so-shabby packer, thanks to watching the work of my mom and dad.  When we were kids, we always took a long camping trip in August, and they squeezed in everything for our family of 5 into the trunk and rooftop carrier.  I wonder where that old tin box is?  There was this large metal box, about 2'-3' square and a foot deep, with 3 divided compartments inside and a hinged lid.  Precursor to rubbermaid bins!  That box and a picnic basket pretty much held everything needed for our meals--3 a day, none of this stopping for fastfood stuff.  Plus this was before the age of fastfood on every corner!  I especially remember that my mom would take an empty oatmeal box to pack a dozen eggs layered with oats, I don't remember them ever breaking.  And no refrigeration, no cooler.  I think in 1967 we graduated to a little pop-up tent trailer, and that seemed like quite a luxury after a 9'x9' tent.  We had some fabulous trips, and I am eternally grateful that they had the foresight and will to make those trips happen.
So I am heading out, and if I get internet service while I am away I will share more news and pictures with you.  I'm not exactly going to Siberia, but these places can be a little like the Bermuda Triangle of phone and internet service, so we shall see!

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