Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Bye to CA

You know you're not in Minnesota when you pass this sign a couple times a day!  And yes, in order to take the picture I had to break the rules!  

Interesting sign--I thought this is what we always do but maybe it's different out there!
I tried to upload a little video showing my finesse on skis, but technical difficulties have prevented that.  You will have to live in suspense, let's just say that I'm giving up my wait by the phone for the Olympic Ski Team to call!  I am a very cautious skier, I'm not much into swhoosing down the slopes at a high speed.  The toughest spot on the mountain for me was called the Road Runner, it was at the highest part of the mountain so my fear of heights didn't help the situation.  Dan told me it was a gradual traverse around the back side of the mountain.  I call it a narrow ledge on a sheer cliff.  In the end, I was glad I got the chance to experience it, even though it's pretty humbling to have Dan ski backwards ahead of me and do it so much easier than I could ever do forwards!
Bob and I had an uneventful journey from June Lake to East Bethel yesterday, and I'm getting over that bittersweet feeling I always have at the end of a vacation, especially when it means not seeing my kids again for awhile.  Who ever said they could move to California, anyway?  

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