Thursday, June 18, 2009

Clean sweep

Tuesday night our plans to go to the Twins game were changed when rush hour rain caused a big delay in Bob getting home. So we stayed home and tackled the clean-up job that we had started in the basement. Bob put up floor to ceiling shelves in a little room that had become overwhelmed with stuff. I guess this is what happens when both your kids move far away with somewhat uncertain plans for living arrangements so many things get left behind. But we did a bunch of sorting and arranging and it is so much better! But I think you can see a theme here with the labels on the boxes!
It feels so much better to get it sorta organized and ready for adult kids to reclaim!


MissesStitches said...

Pam, do you think we still have some stuff at the folks' house?

Benjamin said...

Wow, a lot of those boxes seem to have my name on them! I had no idea there was that much stuff that I've left there! I guess that magnet was right, Mom... "You're not an empty nester until the kids get all of their crap out of the house." By the way, I'm writing under Ben's name but it's me, Brita :)