Monday, June 15, 2009


Another tree harvesting project has concluded without mishap!  Yeah!  Sunday morning Bob invited 2 friends, Dana and Phil, to give him a hand in bringing down some dead trees.  They waited for a semi-decent hour to start in with the chainsaws, no repercussions from the neighbors yet!  Bob ascends the ladder with a rope (one of Dana's really strong climbing ropes) and ties it on as high as he dares go.

Phil and Dana pull the rope in the direction they want the tree to fall, with plenty of leeway, and tie it to another strong tree.  As Bob goes at the trunk with the chainsaw, Phil and Dana keep the rope taut until the tree starts to give.  Really worked pretty slick.  4 trees were down in no time, then it was all the cleanup of limbs and brush.  And trying to avoid wallowing in the poison ivy!

And the landscape is forever changed!  The guys worked hard, it was pretty warm, and I made sure they stayed hydrated.  Also cooked up some burgers and brats.  Following that, Dana and Deb took us along on a pontoon cruise for a couple hours to really cool off.  What a great end to a great weekend!

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