Saturday, June 6, 2009

Extreme Makeover Crown Royal Edition

We love a challenge!  This came our way after Nancy was at the Hub (local hangout) and informed those present that her quiltie friends were coming for a visit.  This materialized into a challenge to use the lovely purple and gold embroidered Crown Royal bags in quilt blocks. 

Yes, there was alcohol involved.  But no, we did not have to drink 4 bottles!  So this morning we sobered up and put on our thinking caps, and this is what developed:

There is just no limit to what we can create!  We are thinking this might be the start of a new treatment program for quilters in detox!


Sally said...

I like the blue one best. Any surprise? Who made it?

Pam said...

You must be referring to the bottom right block, that was made by Maggie--I'll tell her that she gets your vote!