Sunday, September 5, 2010

chill pill updated

A couple years ago I put together a pattern that I titled Chill Pill. It is a very easy design and uses 5" squares if you want to use a pack of pre-cut fabrics of that size. I made the first one from a Christmas Thimbleberries collection, which honestly has not been my favorite but was handy at the time. And the photography left a lot to be desired!
Several years back these colors would have been my preference, but I have moved to lighter and brighter choices. This pattern has been a good solid basic design, something I recommend to people who might have done a beginner quilt or two and want to learn how to construct a quilt with blocks set on point. Recently, Debbie made this quilt from a great fabric group designed by local designer Linda Hohag for P&B Fabrics. Her pattern company, Brandywine Designs, is a favorite.
I have been outside on this lovely sunny day snapping some pictures to get a good one to put on the cover of Chill Pill. It's a bit of a process to get a good picture. First, press the quilt to get out the wrinkles where it was folded for hanging on display at the store. Then get the step ladder out of the garage, find blue tacks, pull some of the grape vines back and then tack up the quilt to the boards. Get out the level and reposition the quilt. Get out the tripod and set up the camera level and centered. Wait for the breeze to stop and clouds to move and start snapping pictures. Get the pictures onto the computer and delete most of them--I think I took 40 pictures and ended up with 2 keepers! And then realized that the thermometer on the post and the rain gutter are in the picture! Email the pictures to Dan and leave a message to tell him to check his email. It is Sunday morning so I'm guessing he's sleeping in! Go back outside and remove the thermometer and rain gutter and shoot more pictures. Hope Dan wakes up soon so I can get his OK and finish up this little job. What I think is so great is that I can take pictures, see what they are, adjust size and lighting on the photo, send them out to Dan in CA and get his opinion all within minutes, that is, if he wakes up! I know there are pitfalls to modern technology,but it is extremely useful, too. And I can put up these photos on this page and get feedback from whoever is interested, too!

I have been working on the Martinique quilt, too, and have the blocks and borders all done, finally! Just need to get a backing and spend a little quality time with my longarm machine to get it finished! Here's what it is looking like:
The rest of the day plus tomorrow will probably not see much sewing/quilting. We have some fix-up clean-up projects to do around here while we both have 2 days off work together. Probably some fun watching a movie, too! Happy holiday weekend!


MissesStitches said...

I think the Chill Pill pattern is beautiful. Such different looks with the different fabric choices. Looks great.

Daniel said...

One paragraph with three references to me sleeping in???
I was on the mountain bike trails at 8:15am riding up the mountain.

I looked at all the pics you sent me and the third one looks perfect! I definitely prefer the new colors over the old ones.

Pam said...

Dan, sorry, I knew I was going to catch it from you on that! I guess I'm just used to the days when you could sleep forever, or until I disrupted you. It's hard for me to picture you up and around so early without me there to roust you out!