Wednesday, September 15, 2010

this and that

More walking around today--and more sunshine and light winds. This is making me think that the weather here must be perfect! We took the trail to Cub Lake, 2.4 miles one-way. We had only gone a short distance when we encountered these strange hikers on our route--
The big bull of the harem was a little bit away from the trail, but close enough to clearly hear his bugling.
When we reached Cub Lake, after a long, hot, uphill hike, we enjoyed our lunch in the shade, watching the ducks, jays and chipmunks who were waiting for some crumbs. My dad sort of wanted to continue the hike past Cub Lake but he was out-voted, which later he was thankful for as the 2.4 miles back to the car were hot and strenuous, despite being downhill most of the way.
Thursday had been a day off from hiking for us, instead we did a little walking around the main street of Estes Park, constantly amazed at the number of souvenir and tshirt shops that can co-exist! The only souvenirs I found were fabric and yarn! We explored The Stitchin' Den and Cottage Bliss, both very nice shops here in Estes Park.

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