Monday, September 13, 2010

a walk in the woods

I'm relaxing with my feet up after showering off the dust and sweat of a 3+ mile hike today. I feel a very good kind of worn out. It has been a perfect weather day and I took a few pictures to share. It is very beautiful here, and it is impossible to get all that gorgeousness into a little camera.
Here's my hiking group--
On the left are my parents, Bob and Sally from Lake Park, IA, and on the right are my aunt and uncle, Alan and Mary from Ankeny, IA. They are all experienced wanderers. I felt lucky to be in this group of good people from age 74-84, showing what it means to be actively mature!
We set out from Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, using the excellent shuttle bus system to get there. The water was so clear and pretty.
From there we hiked about 2 miles to Bierstadt Lake, and then another 1.2 miles to the shuttle bus stop. Thankfully, the last mile was all downhill so much easier to go that direction. The aspen trees are turning and make some beautiful scenes.
This evening will be a quiet one and I am sure I will be sleeping soundly tonight!


MissesStitches said...

What great photos! Thanks for sending them. Give my greetings to everyone there, ok?

Daniel said...

Beautiful photos!