Monday, January 17, 2011

an excellent Monday

All is well in Wisconsin, although we weathered a storm today with plenty of blowing snow. Mostly observed from the cozy warmth of our sewing condo, as we enjoyed hour after hour of cutting, stitching, movies, and some good food and beverage when needed. We do have to keep our strengthup!
We are staying at The Rushes at Baileys Harbor and loving it. We even have a garage! That make unloading our trailer so easy, we have experienced some much worse unloading scenarios in our travels. But before we got here Saturday, we made a stop at Primitive Gatherings in Menasha, WI. This is a great quilt shop with many samples and kits and patterns that were looking for a ride home with us! You can see our happy faces as proof that this was a good place to find!
Since getting ourselves settled in to our condo, we have been pulling together projects and ideas non-stop. One of the things we (all 3 of us in one way or another) are working on is a bunch of teeny 9-patch blocks that will eventually be joined into a quilt of some type. These are some of my squares:
Each little square is 1" when completed. So far, we have been making lots of little blocks and talking about ways to use them. We have used this book for inspiration.

Finished the binding on this quilt, which I have blogged about earlier and had quilted before leaving home. Other activities--3 little baby quilts for charity donation, pinwheel samples for teaching, prairie point samples for teaching and a flannel baby quilt.
Plus this morning I had to make time to become acquainted with a local dentist to have my temporary crown tuned up after my DIY dentistry activity yesterday. The crown came off, and since it was Sunday I made do with some dental adhesive purchased at Walgreen's until I could contact the dentist recommended by a woman working here. Turned out to be fairly easy to adjust so my jaw is not aching as badly, and with any luck it will stay put until the real deal gets installed in 2 weeks. Oh, the joys of maturity!
And speaking of maturity, my baby girl turns 31 today! How did that happen?!
I think you can see the Hansen lineage in this picture! Love to my beautiful girl!

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Brita said...

I'm feeling lots of Wisconsin love, Mom! Hope you're still having a ball with your 2 sidekicks!