Monday, January 10, 2011

merry monday

I'm indulging in a little "me" time for the moment after about 2 hours in the dentist's chair this morning. Seems like I had 4 hands and at least a dozen instruments crammed in my mouth at once! Glad to have that over with, and the procedure itself was nearly painless, but my jaw doesn't accommodate this stuff very well and even though I pre-medicate I feel the headache coming on. So much for a fun Monday morning!
Last week I read about this new pen on another blog and I can't remember which blog, but I have tried it out for myself.
It disappears with heat (or enough friction to generate heat) and can be used on fabric. They cost about $2 each at the office supply stores, slightly more on the Pilot website. The results of my preliminary testing:

I drew 2 scribbles in blue on white fabric, ironed one of them and it immediately disappeared! I did wash the sample, and the doodle seemed to faintly show up when it was damp, but was gone again when it was dry. It doesn't work on real dark fabrics. I guess I would continue to use it cautiously until I have tried it out in more situations. But it could come in really handy now and then, and isn't costly.

What's on my frame:
I don't know the name of this block, it was put together by Deb L. and is going to be one fine quilt when it's all done.
In the queue:
I call it the colorblock quilt, put together by Little Sis. I have been playing with threads to find the right colors, even resorting to using the colorwheel so I canput the complimentary colors on the solids.
One great Christmas present was a new pair of socks from Keen. Not your ordinary socks, these are made in a left/right pair, they are even labelled so I can be sure I have them in the right place. They are quite comfortable.
So that's the update from the frozen tundra!

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