Thursday, January 13, 2011

pioneer woman

One thing I like to do when I have time on the keyboard is reading other people's blogs. I find good ones and bad ones. I find ideas I want to remember and things I would prefer to forget. I have discovered how to get email notifications of updates on my favorite blogs, which is a cool thing. I need to update the sidebar of my own blog to share some of these, will work on that! Today I am wanting to share a site with you that is fun and inspiring. The Pioneer Woman. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon it, but I have returned frequently. What first sucked me in was reading Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, the story of her courtship and marriage to Marlboro Man.
This story is actually a soon-to-be-released book, so expect a good saga. In addition to this romance novella, her site is full of good stuff about family, food, homeschooling, photography and the list goes on. Today I am making the Chicken Tortilla Soup that is among her recipes. She includes lots of pictures of the cooking process, which makes it easy for people like me who aspire to be better cooks but don't make a career of it. In the photography section there are some awesome pictures of prairie and sky, 2 of my favorite things! So pop on over there and see what is cookin'!

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