Wednesday, January 19, 2011

full moon

Some things I've been working on:
above, a little flannel baby quilt from a kit that is very well aged, the pattern is out of print and the fabric is long gone, so I can't tell you much other than that it is pretty cute!
Also, a little quilt to donate to Quilts For Kids, one of 3 that I have put together this week.

Finished the binding on this, my own Tot Spot pattern. Some cute fabric that I had been saving for awhile, now it can be added to my reserve of baby quilts so I have one handy for the next baby occasion. Right now I have 3 upcoming little ones that will be needing a quilt.

These blocks below are the start of a new quilt that will be a sample and/or class at Bear Patch. I am making it from a group of Japanese Kinkame fabrics from a pattern called Civil War March from Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.
And tonight we are treated to a beautiful view from our window (it's too dang cold to go outside!)---

A beautiful Wisconsin moon--kind of looks like a giant wheel of cheese! Here in the land of beer and cheese, we are loving every minute! Even on my second visit to the local dentist yesterday. Note to self, in the future, do not have any dental work done within a month of travel. Yes, the temporary crown came off again yesterday, but this time I didn't have to try to put it back in place myself. Because this time, I swallowed it. Yup, down the hatch. But the dentist and her assistant were so nice, they gave me a replacement and so far, so good! Although I am kind of paranoid about loosening it again so I think it would be a good time to just go on a liquid diet!

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Mary Frances Kaiser said...

I had the same issues with a temporary and finally ended up swallowing it too! The only difference, the dentist was just down the street!