Monday, February 4, 2008

Danny Bob

OK, I warned you Dan! After the last entry about our Bubba, I now get to spill my guts about my wonderful son. And wonderful girlfriend, Krista! Tall and skinny, you two make a perfect pair together. Dan can be seen and heard presenting the ski report at, when he is not out on the powder. From all reports, life in Mammoth Lakes could only be improved by one thing, and that would be Krista! Across the state in Santa Clara, she is pursuing her own dream in the photography business, take a look at Luckily, they can make the drive back and forth for a visit now and then. The winter weather and roads make it a little difficult, but really not a problem when you are 24! Dan has been a huge help to me with getting some computer design stuff done for quilt patterns, he can do a lot with a keyboard that is beyond me! He also gladly sports whatever knitted hats I can come up with and sleeps snug under my quilts (especially that last one that grew into the size of a large tarp!). Love you and miss you both!

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