Thursday, February 14, 2008

So many choices, so little time

Down to the last day of this retreat, so I am thinking about where I want to direct my time today.  New Block of the Month?  New socks?  Start a purse?  Needlefelting?  Repair and replace fabrics on a vintage quilt top?  Or all of the above?  I will have to see where the spirit moves me.  Some things I have accomplished:  binding 2 Christmas quilts, binding an Amy Butler twin size quilt, binding a strippy baby quilt, making an Indygo Junction Accent Vest, pieced together an Olivia the Pig baby quilt, finishing the Carry Nation quilt, finishing a pair of knitted socks and piecing a Quick Brick flannel quilt.  So that is a pretty good list!  
We have been enjoying some good meals, I have had the chance to try out some new recipes and if I can figure out how I will add them to my posts.  Yesterday we took a little field trip to nearby Rice Lake to visit Bargain Bill's and the Busy Bobbin Quilt Shop.  It was a short drive to get there and worth the trip.  It was a pretty sunny day and we even spotted an eagle!  On top of bargains, it can't get much better!  I know this probably sounds pretty boring to the non-quilty people, and some folks like to go to Vegas for the glamour and glitz for a winter vacation, but this type of getaway pleases me right now.  Only problem is I am missing Valentines Day with my sweetheart.  But I will be home tomorrow so that's not so bad.  Every day should be like Valentines Day, right?

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