Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We have just returned from a wonderful dinner out at Neptune's in Blaine. (http://www.neptuneeatery.com/) This is the second time we have eaten there, and both visits have been wonderful. Tonight I had a salmon fillet on garlic mashed potatoes with a pesto-type sauce on top--scrumptious! Bob had the stuffed pork chop (support the pork industry!) and nearly licked his plate clean. We were joined by our friends, Debbie and Bob, who love to find new dining spots. I think they were pleased as well. Our waitress, Rachel, was a delight and we could have chatted a long time about our yarn/fabric passions. Very refreshing to find a young woman so enthusiastic about fiber!
I have included some photos here of some of the quilting designs that I have been learning on my longarm machine. Hard to depict well, but hopefully you can make out some of the stitching.

I have finished up a quilt for a friend, using a pantogram this time and liking it better. I have felt less comfortable with using the pantogram designs (for those uninitiated, this is a paper pattern design that is stitched row after row across the quilt top) because I didn't think that I do a good job of following the design which results in a sloppy look. But I persisted and this turned out much better. Would have been good to change the way that I laid out the rows so there was som alternation and overlap between rows, but that is part of the learning and now I know for next time!
Would have been good to get another quilt on the frame today, my only day off this week, but I spent a lot of my time preparing for the next 2 quilt retreats. Writing letters, creating newsletters, nametags, pattern directions, repacking and organizing what I need to take along Friday for the weekend retreat, doing laundry so I could pack my suitcase, figuring out food to take, watching Dr. Phil! And The Young and the Restless! That is like such a treat to myself to get to actually sit down during the day for some mindless entertainment, during which I finished a sock (that makes a pair now) and start an new one. The finished pair is from Knitcol wool yarn in bright colors, shown here as they are blocking, heavier than the usual sock yarn so made it much easier to finish. The new one is a pattern I am trying in worsted weight wool for clog socks, whatever that is! We'll see soon!
We'll call this done for now, I have been struggling with getting these pictures out of the camera and onto this page, and I'm not happy with the layout but will have to leave that for some other time when it's not past my bedtime!

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