Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Great Day!

What a great day! I cherish these days like today when I don't have to go to either job and don't have any appointments or anything to take me out of the house. I did a good bit of quilting, it is going better each time and I really do like it. Right now I have one of my own quilts on the frame, it is a pattern from one of the Blended Quilt books. I have been working on some new ways to fill in triangles, and long rows of feathers. I am also learning the steps needed to eliminate problems like wrinkles on the back by progressing through key areas and then going back to add more stitching. Hard to explain here, but very important. I listened to some of my podcasts while quilting, and I still have this notion in my mind to do one of my own, but where would I find the time? And I couldn't put any money into it at this point, so I am reading Podcasting for Dummies for the inside scoop on how to make it work. We'll see. I'm not sure it's something that fits my personality, either. Nancy was here today so we could finalize some of our plans for next week's quilt retreat. She and Leisl and I are partners in Stitchin' Trips, our own small business for hosting retreats. It is a very part-time business, we have 4 retreats for this spring and probably 3 next fall. We really enjoy the time at retreats with our friends and fun projects, we are always on the lookout for something fun to share with the group. You can see a little about us at http://www.stitchintrips.com. I need to go get my suitcase organized now so I can see if I need any laundry done. We leave Friday morning, and with work the next 2 days I don't have much time for packing up my sewing stuff in addition to the suitcase. We won't need to bring the trailer this time (yes, we honestly own a trailer for our retreat gear) since Leisl won't be able to join us. I will try to add some posts while we are away.

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Cussin' Tillie said...

How fun to read your blog with such neat views into your activities, family & heart. Wanted to share with you my cousin's wife has a real quilting bug. Would take her sewing machine with her whenever they would take off in their big trailor then motorhome. they built a new retirement home near Rockford, IL. We stayed with them when attending the funeral for our 60 yrold cousin Bruce. She & Lennard have taken the 2 classes on her big quilting machine.She has an absolutely gorgeous walkout basement room all set up for her sewing and quilting fun. Knew you would absolutely love it. Fun seeing the updated pics & reading the news about the kids. Would be fun sometime to see all you've been working on. Hi to Bob. Love, Ruth