Saturday, March 15, 2008

Greetings from Augusta, WI

Good evening all! I am with a retreat group on our last night away from home. We are 22 quilters total (it takes 4 of us to retain some kind of control) staying 3 nights in this lovely house in Augusta. We have a wonderful large sewing room with plenty of tables, plug-ins, windows and lights to keep our machines humming. Sleeping accomodations are comfy, our meals are sumptuous, and our libations are plentiful! Many of these women have been here before but we also have some newcomers--special Hi to Brenda, Sue, Jeanne, Cindy, Danielle, and Cindy. We have one attendee who came from South Carolina, and usually that would win the prize for farthest distance, but she was handily beat out by our new friend from Chile (moving to Arizona). We have some wonderfully creative souls here, the beautiful quilts, etc., just keep coming one after another. Some of the group visited a local Amish woman, Mary, on her farm today to visit with her about her quilts and life. Others have had a good time shopping the nearby gift and furniture store, they have amazing Amish-built furniture. We had massages today to ease the aches from our strenuous work huddled around our sewing machines! Lots of laughs and friendly jokes--got that Posh?
Will update with some photos when available. Now back to my knitting!

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