Sunday, March 30, 2008

Road Trip!

The Posse was on a mission again yesterday! I joined Nancy, Leisl, and Maggie for departure at 6 AM to get to Country Threads by 9 for their rummage sale. If you haven't visited this shop in northern Iowa, you must try to do so. It is a unique spot on a farm with very nice people and lots of animals. It does kind of feel like going home to the farm for me. There was a big table of rummage sale stuff in the garage, some bargains to be found there and in the shop, too. Leisl was a better rummager than I was, she found a couple bags with partially finished projects that I know she will put together into something great. It was a nasty windy day there and just about freezing, so we didn't dilly dally outdoors at all. The wind turbines were working overtime. I forget how continuously windy it is in that area. When it is nicer, you can mingle with the dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and whatever other strays are around. They run some nice camp experiences there which I have attended and enjoyed.

During the drive, I knitted up a good part of a pillow top made of fabric strips for an upcoming store project. Remind me not to do that again! The fabric strips are hard to handle, made my hands sore. It's almost done, I worked on it some more last night while watching Akeelah and the Bee. A nice wholesome tale about a young girl and the Scripps' Spelling Bee. The night before Bob and I went to see "21" at the theater and we liked that. The odd part for me was that Lawrence Fishbourne (not sure of the spelling) played a very bad guy in 21 and a very good guy in Akeelah, so it was a little confusing.
I will be loading up a quilt of my own on the longarm this afternoon since it is on a deadline to be included in the next round of classes at the store. I thought I would include a few sewing and related tips here from time to time, so I am showing you something that I use for helping organize some of my storage. I purchased IKEA cardboard magazine files (pretty cheap) and use them for stabilizers, papers, fusibles, interfacings, etc. They really work well and thanks to Maggie for that one. Labeling helps a lot to keep things fairly well sorted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mom! I love reading your blogs. And I can find out if you're in the works making anything fun for me- can't wait to see the socks! Your road trip last weekend sounded like fun. Love you!

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