Saturday, March 1, 2008

On the Road Again!

Good thing my sewing machine has wheels!  It is definitely getting the runaround lately.  I'm back in Cumberland, WI, for more retreating and fun.  Waiting for the lasagne to finish cooking for tonight's dinner, sipping a little margarita while knitting and watching National Treasure.  We are 11 here tonight, with a much younger average age than usual.  It's fun to have some new faces and talents among us.  And a few different topics of discussion along with that.  
Have been working on an interesting new project--making a floorcloth that is covered in fabric.  It has been quite a process so far, but looks good.  Just finding all the required materials was like a scavenger hunt!  Artist's canvas, gesso, floor wax, polycrylic finish and a bunch of mod podge.  If this works out it would be fun to teach as a class at a retreat.  
Missing Leisl this weekend, unfortunately she couldn't make it and she is undoubtedly wondering if she will ever get to take a stitch again!  She will have some catching up to do!
Not too much else happening at the moment, we are settled down for a long winter's night here.

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