Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pretty Little Pincushions

Without even knowing it, I have become a collector of pincushions! They just seem to accumulate so I thought that rather than feeling bad because I wasn't using them, I would put them on display! That way I can justify having more! All of these have a little story about where they came from, who they came from, etc. That is the best part of assembling them like this. They are a visual reminder of good times and good friends. There are more around here and there, and I cycle them into use at various times. I also have been inspired by looking at the pincushions up for sale on Etsy. Very creative people. So I
hope you enjoy these pictures. A few I have made myself. I can think of several other people who have made and/or given them to me: Jan, Nancy, Leisl, Debbie, Maggie. Many thanks to all of you!

I have had some good hours on my big machine, Emma Nems. I had been frustrated by what I felt was a lack of creativity and progress on skills, but yesterday stumbled onto a good website with videos of longarm quilting that really inspired me. Just from that little bit of instruction, I found I felt much more comfortable with what I am doing. It might seem like a little thing, but just understanding why and how to knot off my threads has made a big difference. My work looks much neater and professional, even though it takes longer to do. I am 75% done with a quilt for Deb M., so not too much further to go on that one. I think she is going to like it. Better get back to the machine before she cools off!


Kijar said...

See please here

Jan said...

Nice collection, Pam! Good idea to display them.