Monday, May 11, 2009

I heart my kids!

What wonderful, thoughtful, brilliant kids I have!  Thank you, Dan, Brita and Ben!  I opened up the box that Bob had kept hidden away and as soon as I saw the big M's on the label I knew this was gonna' be good!  And then I got a close look, and I was laughing and crying like a fool!  Teeny tiny faces and words looking up at me--combining the best things in life (family and chocolate) makes an amazing treat!   Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I am writing this from my hotel room in Overland Park, KS, suburb of Kansas City, and will be leaving shortly to go to the convention center for the start of 3 1/2 days of classes covering topics related to long-arm quilting.  Some of them are hands-on experiences, some are lectures.  All will be very enlightening, I'm sure, since they are taught by some of the well-known experts in the quilting world.  This is my first experience with this type of conference, so I am eager to get in and learn it all, then get home and quilt!  My drive yesterday was problem-free, had the good fortune to stop at Mom and Dad's for lunch and also got to see Mary, Jarry and Spencer.  Then back on the road, finishing up one CD book and most of the way through the second.  Got into some rain in Missouri, but got to my hotel by 7:30, which gave me time to scout the neighborhood before dark and see where I need to go this morning and where the good restaurants are!  Now time for a little breakfast---


MissesStitches said...

I bet all of those m&m's are already gone, right!?!

Pam said...

Actually, only a few were sacrificed, then I had to leave and decided to leave them home in favor of the everyday M's that are required for a road trip!