Sunday, May 24, 2009

just stuff

Just some miscellaneous stuff to share with you--
finished up quilting the big red star for Nancy.  She made it from dark rusty red flannels and homespuns surrounded by white flannel--it turned out great but I am a little leery of how it will look after its first laundering!  I'm afraid it will have a pink background!  Oh well, it will still be warm and comfy because it has a soft "minky" backing.  I had not quilted this type of fabric before but it was relatively problem-free.  And the quilting takes on a very sculpted look.

The lilacs and our 2 apple trees have been blooming--

I'm spending 4 days home with my quilting and sewing, Bob is gone fishin' with his buddy, so I am living it up at home!  That means I can eat, sleep and sew at will!
Friday was an important day for our family--Dan turned 26!!  He is far from home, but always close to my heart.  He was such a loveable little guy, a real cutie as he was growing up.  Always ready with a hug and a laugh.  I love this little old picture of him, working on eating a cookie that was bigger than his head!  No limits for that guy!

The robins on the front porch have left the nest.  This year I stayed clear of the nest, after scaring the little babies out of the nest last year before they were really ready.  Left that up to mama robin this time!


MissesStitches said...

That red star looks beautiful with the different shadings. Do you have a close-up?

Dan Hansen said...

Love the old photo!