Wednesday, May 27, 2009

things done and undone

So here's what's been in the works around here the last few days...
3 new Flour Power aprons (my own pattern) for Brita, Molly and her sister

quilting for Leisl, showing the pretty feathers in the border which surrounds what I call the spiderweb blocks.  I think this was a pattern from the fabric maker of these 30's prints, I will have to find out and let you know.

knitting a hat for Brita, per her request, from yarn purchased in June Lake, CA, at Sierra Cottons and Wools, from a pattern I pretty much made up, I hope this is what she wants!

scarf for myself, same as I made for Brita last winter except different yarn, this time it is Boku from Plymouth yarns.  Pattern on the web at Brooklyn Tweed, it's called Noro scarf

purse--Mini Miranda by Lazy Girl, this one was a great pattern, a good size, and I will make it again.  Now on display at Bear Patch.

and finally, my hand applique block (16") from Cherrywood fabrics and pattern from The Quilt Show 2008 BOM.  Tomorrow night I am meeting Nancy, Leisl, and Maggie for dinner and our block exchange.  We each pass off the block we have made (of our own choosing) to another person.  That person will add a border of some kind (of their own choosing) and at a pre-determined date we will pass the blocks on to another member of the little circle.  This continues until each of us have worked on each other person's block, which hopefully will end up to be about Christmastime, at which time we will get our own block back as a completed quilt top!



MissesStitches said...

WOW! Good for you for getting all these things finished up. That Miranda bag is beautiful--I've seen it at Lazy Girl's site, and now I'm sure I want to try it, since you say it is such a good pattern. And your TQS applique block is beautiful. Way to go!

Molly B said...

Those aprons are my favorite!!!! I cannot believe that I get to have one! Now that I will be looking good in the kitchen, I have to learn to cook.

Dan Hansen said...

Yay! Yarn from June Lake! Awesome stuff mom!

Dan Hansen said...

Now that you used that yarn up, you should come out to Cali again to get some more.