Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Many good things today!  First, and most importantly, Bob and I are the proud parents of The Nurse of the Year on Brita's unit at Stanford University Medical Center!!  We have known how special she is for 29+ years, so we are glad that her co-workers agree!  Forgive me, Brita, for this blatant braggadocio, but it is overdue.  We know how hard she works, and how much she cares, and how brilliant she is!  Thank you for being an excellent nurse for your patients, and a leader among your peers!
Secondly, I received my new SewEzi table, ordered at Paducah, and now at home in my sewing room.  It is lovely and ergonomically correct, to boot!

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to be the "guest designer" at Bear Patch during our Twin Cities Shop Hop, and enjoyed the chance to wear another hat (even though I still got to make the coffee!) to talk with people who have not previously known of my patterns.  I am happy to say that Emmaline Design now has 12 wonderful patterns in print!  Each one is a process, going from idea to paper, and I have learned so much.  More will be coming, I am gearing up with some ideas for August and the statewide shop hop with patterns featuring the fabric designed especially for that event.  Stay tuned...

And lastly, I have 2 new little bags that I can't stay away from!  They both have a sort of "snappy" closure, which appeals to my senses, and makes it hard to resist snapping them.  I find myself wanting to involve others in the snappiness--is that weird?  The larger bag is from a pattern Snap Happy from Stitchin' Sisters, and it closes with a snap from a carpenter's measuring tape, which gives me a secret pleasure in explaining that fact to the uninitiated!  The little bag is made from a tutorial from the British website from which I ordered the frame, U-Handbag.  I always wanted to see if I could make a bag using these nice metal frames, and now I know it works!  This little one is just too cute to resist!  Now I just have to find a more reasonable source for the frames and not pay for shipping across the big pond.

So that is an update from here, tomorrow is quilting--Yay!


MissesStitches said...

WOW!!! Hardly know where to begin! That's wonderful about my niece nurse, always knew she was special (and not the way that educational facilities use that term!). And good for you with your patterns, and distributing them. I am so in awe of you, big sister! Thanks, too, for the publicity in BPBits.

Mary Kaiser said...

Hi Pam,
I just saw your cute little bags and thought I would hook you up with a couple of frame sources...if you haven't found them already!

Bags are so much fun to make!

Pam said...

Thanks for pointing me to those sources, Mary. Have you made this type with the metal clasp frame and glue? I used E6000, not sure if that is what I should be using. Also, have you used any of the invisible magnetic snaps? I will be trying those out, too.

Mary Kaiser said...

Hi Pam,
I just saw your message! I am little slow,I'd say.
Well, actually, I have never used that style of frame. I mostly use steel facile frames with my bags. I have investigated the frame that you used many times but never had the nerve to do it.It feels like I would need four hands to do it?!? I would think that E6000 would be strong enough to hold it and there is also a "pincher" tool they make to pinch the frame together. Check out:
Also, I have only used the brass magnet snaps. I have thought about trying the sew-in ones on a tote. I guess I am one of those who gets comfy with familiarity, that I hesitate to try new things!
Let me know how you like the sew-in magnet if you try it.
Sorry about the delayed response. Only 50 days and counting!
Best, Mary