Saturday, August 28, 2010

body art

I have never had a tatoo, but have sometimes pondered what I would put on my body if I ever decided to do so. I think it would be something like a band of stitches circling my arm with a needle pulling the thread. But I've been viewing some much more elaborate designs on this Flickr page and feel like these folks have taken it way beyond my thoughts! Gives me plenty more to consider--
What does/would your tatoo look like?


Anonymous said...

How a patch over surgery scars, using a favourite fabric design of course.

MissesStitches said...

These are great! (Although a few are creepy) I love the patchwork piece. Saw a clerk at Britex who had a small scissors on her arm. I would never get a tattoo either, but it's kind of fun to do it vicariously.

Daniel said...

I think you should get one!

Something subtle and small like stitches and a needle on your ankle would look cool. Kind of like this:

I've been pondering tattoo designs as of late. Not sure if I can take the leap.

Pam said...

Dan, I think you should reserve your leaps for the slopes! But if you want a sewing tatoo like the one you linked, I'm all for that!