Friday, August 27, 2010


In a recent post I showed you the project I was making with all those triangles that needed trimming. I am using Martinique, designed by 3 Sisters for Moda. I have made it to the point of joining all the blocks together, and I just barely have room to lay it out on the floor. Would be nice to have a design wall, but haven't made that happen yet. In the meantime, this works, and I use my handy dandy digital camera to help me. This is my tip for you---use your camera in place of a design wall! This gives me the perspective to view the overall color and block placement in a way that escapes me when I am looking at block-by-block.
Right away I can see that I need to reposition those 2 light blocks on the left side for starters. And maybe a few other changes from there. We'll see. With my camera I can get instant viewing either on the little camera screen or my computer screen without having to print anything. It gets 2 skinny borders, rick rack and a wide border yet to come.

Next up-- a quilted Fire Escape by Terry Atkinson, made by Debbie E. from patriotic prints.
I experimented a little with lots of swirls and curlicues and think I like it. This closeup looks awful yellow, the larger picture is more true to the color. I've been noticing this happens with my new camera and I haven't figured out how to avoid that or what I need to change with lighting, settings, etc. Any clues out there?

Next to be quilted---

Also made some really tasty brownies yesterday so I have to share that with you! I first will introduce you to Natalie of the Olive Grove. I met her 2 weeks ago in Molly's backyard where she showed up with these yummy Orange Brownies. Her recipe using her olive oil from her store! So began my quest for Blood Orange Olive Oil, bittersweet chocolate and ground almonds. Which resulted in good things in the oven, which I highly recommend to you! And this leads to a good quote:

"I am not a glutton--I am an explorer of food." ---Erma Bombeck

So long for now, the brownies are calling!

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MissesStitches said...

I can't believe all those little triangles! Beautiful! Your quilting looks great. Let me know when you figure out how to avoid the yellowish hue with close-up photos!