Monday, August 23, 2010

brush with fame

I had a really different experience recently that I just have to tell you about. It's about the Keepsake Quilting catalog. I used to get this in the mail regularly. All you quilterly people out there probably are familiar with the name, it is kind of a staple among the quilt community. This company has a store in New Hampshire and has run a huge mail order business for a long time. So there was one of these new catalogs laying on a desk in the back room at the store, not sure why, but I was asked a question about something that a customer had seen in the catalog. So I was leafing through the booklet, and stopped in my tracks on page 44.
Appearing on that page is a quilt designed by Stacy West (Buttermilk Basin) that I quilted for her! And my quilting even shows up in the picture! It was just a little thrill for me, personally, to see something that I had worked on in the pages of this catalog. Just had to share my excitement with you! You can sorta' see my quilting design in the picture on the website, but the print picture in the catalog is much better. So that's my claim to fame!


MissesStitches said...

That's awesome, Pam!!! I predict that you'll be seeing more and more of "your" quilts in catalogs and magazines. Way to go!

Jen said...

How exciting! Congrats!

Daniel said...

That's so cool! Congratulations Mom!