Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the Arizona dessert

Some fun things we have been doing on our wonderful winter vacation in Arizona:
wandering around old Scottsdale, listening to musicians while enjoying a little green, green grass--

hiking up to these ancient ruins in the Tonto National Monument--

touring around the Theodore Roosevelt Lake and dam, although I thought this bridge was much prettier than any old dam!

driving (actually riding while Art was driving) over the Apache Trail, a long, winding, bumpy gravel road through the Mazatza Mountains east of Phoenix. This was a beautiful and rugged area of mountains, I suggest you try to get there, but only if you have a really good driver or enjoy maneuvering steep switchbacks!

cheering for Ava's soccer team (Ava is the daughter of our niece, Laura, and Rommel)

celebrating little brother Tre's first birthday!--

admiring the beauty of nature in this part of the world--

and getting to spend time with little Tre. Also visiting Pete in Tucson and dinner with Angie and Jake in Scottsdale. It has been so, so enjoyable, and so nice and warm!!

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