Thursday, February 24, 2011


Several new things to report to you tonight. Just a potpourri of fun!

1. What I am reading--slowly.

2. A finished knitting project, another version of the already discussed 22.5 degree scarf, this time in Paton's Silk Bamboo color 85219. This took 3 balls on sz. 6 needles. It is very soft and drapey. This yarn was purchased at Joanne's, if you watch for it on sale it is very economical.

3. I have finished sewing the blocks for Civil War March from YellowCreek Quilt Designs, started back in January.
Now that I have all of the blocks made, I can begin putting them together in rows. They are set "on point", which in quilt speak means they are rotated 90 degrees off square. They are joined with triangles to make them into a square edged row. If that is as clear as mud, just stay tuned, I will post further pictures of the construction process.

4. I have reached the end of the fabric sorting and reorganizing, and amazingly, I have some empty spaces! Now if I can just keep it that way, it feels like I just took a cleansing breath. No, wait, that's childbirth I was thinking of!

5. New book that I am strangely fascinated with, trying to figure out if this is something I really want to take on, or whether it will just be another addition to the Library of Pam's Future Projects. The diagrams and instructions make it seem very detailed, and since I am seriously starting a new hand applique project, this may be relegated for another year.
But always good to have on-hand in case.

6. The new season of The Amazing Race started last Sunday, and I am worried. My all-time favorite racers, the cowboys, are back, and they are in trouble. At the end of the first episode, they were in last place and burning daylight. Good gravy, boys, it's time to saddle up! I think that they remind me of my college days at South Dakota State University. A very fun place with a cowboy subculture. A place where cattle lived next to the dorm and the big spring event was the rodeo. My most unforgettable character was Max, a fellow student, bull rider, and a great date! Go cowboys!

7. I saw this purse in a magazine, and realized that I must be missing the purse gene because there is no part of me that thinks that it is necessary or even OK to pay $3940 for something to carry around my dirty kleenex and crumbling altoids.
What are they thinking??!!

8. Instead of a new handbag, I splurged on more plastic shoeboxes to store my growing collection of squares and strips from my reprioritized fabric stash.
I get some kind of weird enjoyment out of admiring this collection and dreaming about making a pile of charity quilts from it.

9. I started a new scarf from this yummy yarn that was a Christmas gift from Debbie--
Mushishi from Plymouth Yarn, a wool and silk blend.

10. If you haven't used this soap before, you need to. I love it for everything I knit, it smells so fresh, not perfumey. There are several scents, this one is called Scent of Celebration.

This one's for you, Carol!


MissesStitches said...

Nice post, Pam! Lots of interesting tidbits.

Brita said...

Don't let Dad read this post, he might get jealous of Max! I didn't get a purse gene from you...I like a nice bag but would rather spend money on a trip than a bag! A bag that could cover the cost of a trip is crazy!

Pam said...

Brita--Dad knew Max, too, and by now maybe knows that Max played a part in a plan. A plan that worked. For 35 years and counting!