Friday, February 11, 2011

a change of scenery

Yesterday morning (Thursday) Bob and I loaded up our bags and headed south. This is what our thermometer said when we left the house:

Yes, -18.4! So it was with much joy that we stepped into the sunshine in Phoenix later in the morning. Brother-in-law Art picked us up and shuttled us to his home in Ahwatukee, an area of the city where he and his wife, Sharon, have lived for about 7 years. We have not visited here before, so we were overdue to see where this branch of the family migrated to. Their home is near the South Mt. park where we went for a hike in the late afternoon. It was a beautiful spot, so different in look and feel from our own home.
Today we drove further south to Tucson. We visited the Desert Museum, a very nice nature center that taught us everything we ever wanted to know about the plants and animals of this area. We are impressed with the cacti and long vistas all around. It has been a beautiful and sunny day, jeans and t-shirt weather. We also visited a huge open pit copper mine, and then explored a bit of the University of Arizona with our friend, Pete, who is a friend from back home and attends school here. The campus is beautiful, I wouldn't mind going back to school if I could do it under palm trees!
Pete directed us to a local favorite Mexican food spot for some delicious and authentic cuisine. It has been a very fun day, now ready for a good rest and more fun tomorrow!

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hansen13 said...

Hello Pam, we enjoyed reading about your visit here and the pictures you included. We are glade you enjoyed the visit despite catching the bug. Hope you can come again!
Love, Art & Sharon