Friday, February 18, 2011

design in nature

I try to take some pictures of natural designs that might later inspire me to put something together in a quilt. It might be shapes, angles, structure, colors, etc. I don't have any kind of special camera, just a handy little point-and-shoot, but I still try to capture some images. Occasionally I go back through pictures and find something that triggers a new direction. Here are some random pictures that I took with the thought "I wonder what that would look like in a quilt?"

I was really fascinated by the symmetry of the cacti that abound in Arizona. Very intriguing to this prairie girl's mind!

Back home now in MN, still on the mend from the virus that was an unwelcome guest on our vacation! Nasty head cold, driving to higher elevations and flying half way across the country do not make a good combination! I thought my head would nearly explode a couple times, and Bob is still popping his ears, but we are back on solid ground for awhile!

I'm itchin' for some stitchin' in my sewing room after a hiatus for reorganization and vacation, so after work today I'm am making a beeline for the Bernina! Hooray!

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MissesStitches said...

Sounds like you've had great fun on your trip, SisterStitches! And brought home some wonderful inspiration. I once saw a snake that I thought had a great quilt design on his (her?) back, but I've forgotten what kind of snake it was. Maybe I should go snake-hunting...