Friday, April 8, 2011

a good day

I spent my day working at the store, enjoying the positive and upbeat mood there. After all, what's not to like?! Plenty of folks in and out, enjoying a little shopping and a nice sunny day. We had the doors open wide without having to wear our jackets! New fabric to unpack, projects to inspire, people to meet. The day was done before I knew it!

Then home to a delicious stir-fry dinner prepared by Bob, our first venture into the Land of Tofu! I have been on a meatless kick lately, just to see what the life of a vegetarian is like. Bob joins me in my meatless meals most of the time, but I'm pretty sure he sneaks in some bacon when my back is turned! Doesn't this look tasty?
I had not prepared tofu at home before, but feel I am needing some additional sources of protein, so this was a good start and it turned out well. I already don't eat dairy, being the lactose intolerant that I am, so I don't even have to think about cutting that out of my diet! Eggs are still fair game to me, thank goodness for that!

Anyone watching those eagles? Three (3) little fluff balls in the nest now! Yay!

Quilted up this fun little quilt, made with Riley Blake fabrics. Patterns and kits soon available at Bear Patch. With the peace signs and daisies and dots, I thought I was having a flashback to the 60's!

During some browsing around this morning, I found this amazing egg embroidery. Yes, embroidery on eggs! How about that for an easter basket!

Looking forward to a weekend of sewing, quilting, walking the neighborhood, and cleaning out my car! What are you doing?

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