Thursday, April 14, 2011


That was a lot of binding! This quilt binding seemed to go on and on and on, must have been at least a mile. But here's the final result, and I am liking it--

Soon to be found on display at Bear Patch Quilting Co. and available as a series of classes. This pattern is Civil War March by Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.

In my quest for leading a less meaty diet, with the hope that I will in turn become less meaty, I tried a recipe today for Black Bean patties. This came from the Angry Chicken blog, which seems an odd name for a place to find vegetarian recipes! But the result was quite tasty, and oh so much better than the frozen black bean patties I have purchased at the grocery store. Now I have my own supply of delicious patties in the freezer. In the making of this recipe, I needed to use some oatmeal. The recipe did not specify what type of oatmeal, and this always leaves me in a quandary. I have regular old-fashioned oatmeal on hand for my granola, and I have quick oats for the days when I only have 1 minute and 10 seconds to make breakfast. Don't let that 1-minute claim fool you, oh no, you have to allow at least an extra 10 seconds to get the right consistency. Anyway, I finally learned everything you ever wanted to know about oatmeal so now I know what to use in my recipes. I'm sure you are just as relieved to know the details as I am!

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