Thursday, April 28, 2011

ready for spring

A few shoots of green are gracing our landscape--I especially like the deeply textured and colorful rhubarb plant. I have already pulled out my rhubarb cookbook, the better to plan for the upcoming harvest of this wonderful plant. I am so lucky to live in a part of the world that grows rhubarb!

Last spring I was all about this 'Big Twister' plant that I found at a local nursery. I actually found 3 of them, and they were a fun addition to the patio. They grew well there, and the biggest one earned a spot inside the house for the winter. It must be a very resilient plant, because it has survived my benign neglect to live another summeron the patio!
Much more sparse than it looked last summer, but still clinging to life and hopefully ready to flourish once again over the next few months. We have had about 1 day where it was decent enough to leave it outdoors, but surely by the 4th of July it will be warm enough to leave it outside for an extended period of time!

I have developed a new (to me) quilting design, an adaptation of the usual medium sized meander with some curly-q's thrown in for good measure. Here's the front and back of a quilt sporting this style:
I am christening it the Funky Monkey, since the curls remind me of a monkey tail!

Getting ready to celebrate The Wedding with The Royals in my spare time. This is the look I am going for--
I am amazed that this woman has such a good reproduction of the hat I will be wearing! I hope we don't both show up at the same parties!

Ta-ta for now!!


shannon said...

i like your new2U quilt design. from what i can see of the quilt- it's perfect! i have a quilt that it would look great on!

thanks for sharing!

MissesStitches said...

I really like your new quilting design. And what a weird plant! Keep us updated on its progress, please. BTW, love your hat, too.