Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catching up

Well, I kind of dropped off the screen there for a few day, I think I was so full of ideas and sights and sounds that I couldn't sort it out for putting here.  The Paducah show was awesome, I loved looking at the quilts on display at the show and the museum.  I'm sorry I can't post the pictures here, but that would be frowned upon, so I can only recommend that you go to the AQS website to look for the pictures there.  I did take plenty of pictures for myself, as zoomed in as possible to catch the quilting detail, so I can begin to apply some of those techniques for myself.  
Our bus group made it back home safe and sound.  We passed through St. Louis on the way--

We met a few characters, like this gal from Smack Ass Gap, she swore it's a real place because you just can't make up something like that!

We meandered around the old downtown of Paducah one morning, and gazed upon the floodwalls that are muralized with historic scenes.  

We did have fun getting to know the other women on the bus, and exchanging ideas and tips, and even celebrating a birthday!

That's Joan Stahly on the right, the birthday girl, and trip historian, and mother of Jeff, a fellow Harris Lake Park grad!  On the left is Marcia Peters, mother of Dale, also of HLP background, so it was fun connecting with them.  They are both veterans of the Paducah trip and show, so we could learn a lot from them.   Meeting them on the bus just adds to that 6 degrees of separation theory.
So now I am back at it, all unpacked, caught up on a couple of my shows, finished the quilt on the frame and started another, printing up some new patterns and back to work at the store this afternoon to teach a class.  And happy to have my Bob close by!

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