Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good times in Paducah

We are really loving the nice weather here, even though we spent a lot of the day indoors looking at quilt displays and vendor  booths to see if there was anything that needed to find its way home with me.  We did enjoy our lunch outdoors, it was almost like going to the State Fair with those yummy health food options,(everything fried), in fact, so good that I had to call Bob to gloat about the delicious corndogs!  Shame on me!  
There are some great spring flowers in bloom here, I think they look especially nice when you are coming from the frozen tundra!

The dogwood trees are in bloom here, too, and our busdriver took us on a little tour of a lovely avenue of old homes with many flowering trees along the way.  I think I mentioned before that there was some evident damage around Paducah from an ice storm, but looking around a little more closely today I could see there was a huge toll on the trees here, so many of them have the tops off and many, many branches missing.  Kind of reminds me how it can look after a tornado.
After our day of tromping up and down aisles of fabulous quilts and hundreds of vendor booths, our dogs were barking!  We did find some interesting items, and my purchases include everything from a simple thimble to a deluxe sewing table.  There is a wide range of possibilities here!  We have been able to find some hard-to-find items, some new ideas, and other things just-for-fun.  What will tomorrow bring???

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MissesStitches said...

Your trip sounds wonderful! A new sewing table-WOW! So sorry I keep missing your calls. Enjoy yourselves.